The problems that arise in the design of communication tools to the network environment

define business communication – Over the years, there have been a thousand of companies / organizations can research and development efforts solutions to replace standard protocols SMTP / POP3 / IMAP. Very few of them find their own direction, while the rest disappeared without sparkling. Common is that most companies of this type usually try to change how email by three ways: Invent the building of a new email and for its own protocols; intuitive and simpler; finally sought to traditional transfer email to other applications… So what to do to be able to topple the entrenched positions of the email? The following experts can help you.



The necessarily create new protocols: Devising a new protocol for e-mail is the most efficient way to be able to replace the traditional e-mail. But this is the most difficult way. The problem that most users complain about email is the problem of spam, security and design effective protocols are the basis for some people who are replaced this means of communication can take advantage of. In the tech world, it seems to replace a mode of “old” age a few decades is that easy. Not only users, many technology experts also hope for the crooked launch can improve electronic communication methods traditional. However, to “reinvent” communication tool through this network environment seems impossible because of the following reasons:

First, the introduction of a new protocol that everyone agrees to use is difficult. This usually has the big guns behind technology support and look forward to developing new push is on a large scale. But it also cannot be sure. Can take Google as an example, the company has launched its new standards to replace the standard IMAP “corny” has since 1986, but only applies to Gmail only. And of course that only address a small corner of the problem only. In addition, the new protocol must be supported on both workstations and servers have become inherently easier at this point thanks to Web-based mail applications. But mobile devices and traditional computers also need to communicate with each other smoothly.

The second issue is more thorny disturbance an ingrained habit that people using standard SMTP / POP / IMAP for years. There is a possible solution from a startup company introduced the Inbox (not the Google Inbox). This unit wants to wrap up the email system is available on a new protocol with the API.

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