Online advertising and its sides.

why advertise online – Online advertising is the economists which known as the economic powerhouse of the Internet. But we can see that advertising as a curse: no ads, we do not have a free product or a free newsletter to read daily. Since then, a series of programs to block ads from appearing and have tended to flourish, which we usually called ad blocker. The number of ad blocker programs has increased rapidly. According to a recent survey by Adobe and PageFair, has about 198 million users worldwide use ad blocker 6/2015. This number increased by more than 40% in just one year.


In Germany, it was happening the fierce debate about the companies and ad-blocking programs. The focus is the debate between Springer publishers and advertising companies to block Eyeo GmbH (making software Adblock Plus add-on). After repeatedly dragged to court software failed, Springer lock their site if the user has to use a program to block ads. This story takes place in mid-May 2015. A YouTube user posted a video on just how the site Springer to not receive notification of the Springer lawyer. Then filter list can help users overcome the blocking of Springer GmbH is Eyeo posted on their blog pages.

Group ad-blocking programs that Springer wanted traditional targeting tools including Adblock Plus (ABP). How to operate the ABP is quite simple: this add-on doesn’t let the browser download the content related to a list of web servers known before. In this way, ABP available a filtered list, containing the names and addresses of those specific ad server. List ad server is EasyList – which is the most famous, often enabled by default during installation. The filter settings also allow users to supplement and update the list of ad servers to form a separate filter. The second  type of ad blocking tool behavior tracking block web access, including tools such as Ghostery typical, Privacy Badger and eBlocker.

The main goal of these tools is not an ad blocker, which blocks the activity of underground specialized tools, such as cookies and surreptitious social networking buttons. However, online advertisers have used the tools to record Web surfing behavior of users to be able to display advertising in accordance with each person needs on a site series. Consequently, block tracking mechanisms surfing behavior often lead to situations well blocked by advertising. Foster and ABP also have the same weaknesses that are the installation of Ghostery, a pop-up window, called “Remain free Ghostery Help” (help Ghostery is a free tool). If you press the button to agree, “Yes! I want to participate”, Ghostery will collect cookie data that it discovered in your browser.

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