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latest technology in cloud computing – Hybrid cloud computing is what? Most users or businesses are aware of internal clouds and public clouds. This is the second platform scale, which is built to contain or share data from multiple sources. Public cloud is shown quite clearly with the renowned service providers from Amazon, Google, Dropbox… The internal cloud is simply designed specifically to operate in a business / family / groups… and not allow external users to participate in, except for authorized use.

Data on internal cloud that can be accessed through the firewall, or from outside through some form of secure VPN. Operating costs and resources will increase if you want to extend the system.



Hybrid cloud computing is simply a combination of two or more cloud computing platform, the same can be used for different purposes. The purpose of combining the platform as this will give better performance when combined using the services of other providers or extend operability, thanks to the option of a public cloud service. It is important to have access to both different cloud computing platform, whether it will be public or internal, it will not instantly give you a hybrid solution. For many enterprises, the hybrid cloud is a combination of a cloud computing platform with solutions internal scaling third party. In order to have   truly hybrid solution, enterprises must be able to share or exchange information from a different cloud.

How can hybrid cloud operate? When businesses have available an internal cloud to use, but after some time the need to improve the performance scale, particularly as increasing storage capacity, data transfer speed… Options depending on the infrastructure platform of internal cloud that enterprises are using, whether or not it is compatible with the solutions available third party, businesses can work with suppliers to establish an external clouds for additional efficiency. Since then the business will have more space to use as well as the new features of the vendor, allows more solutions in communication activities, storage, data sharing. Configuration of hybrid cloud networks is defined by series of apps based on the cloud is used. For example, in the model using the software as a service (SaaS), the user is provided access to application software and databases. In the case of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the real operational capability in the cloud. This function requires the identification of virtual machine (VM) related. Virtual machine IP address and Media Access Control (MAC) are used for identification. Each device in an Ethernet network has a unique MAC address. MAC address filtering restrict user access to the network based on the MAC address.

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